Incorrect information shown on the screen

If you experience that your screen are displaying incorrect text or price. This issue is most likely caused by loss in network connection. Here are some actions you can take before contacting us: 

  • Step 1.

    Disconnect the power cord for approximately 5 seconds, either directly from the screen or the power outlet, then reconnect it. Allow about 15 seconds to see if the screen restarts.

  • Step 2.

    Check all cable connections on the screen, especially the network cable. (If the screen uses the store's Wi-Fi, cable connections do not need to be checked.). If you have another network cable or a screen close by that is online, switch the network cable between the screens and see if the content updates. If network connectivity is regained on the screen, the cable may be faulty and require replacement.

  • Step 3.

    Check if another Menu board or device can access the internet while using the store's network. If you can access the internet on another device, navigate to the screen’s settings > “network” and see if the screen is connected to the internet or not. If successful, the screen should have regained its network connection and updated the text/price.

Still an issue?

Please fill out the form as clearly as you can, preferably with a picture.